Presenting bio 

In the beginning.

I started dipping my toe into the presenting world while I was working as a primary school teacher. To me, the two jobs seemed kind of the same… take a topic and make it engaging for your audience. If I could make fractions exciting for 7 year old's, surely I could present on things I actually cared about to adults, so I started doing the odd presenting job for free while I tested it out. For me it was all about communicating, authentically but with passion (Essentially chatting, and that was something I knew I could do plenty of).

Because of my background of studying and working with children I first pursued Children's TV. With a passion for adventure, arts and animals my sights fell on the obvious target of Blue Peter.  I worked behind the scenes on a month long CBBC internship working on Sam and Marks Big Friday Winde-Up and secretly popped into the Blue Peter studio to watch a live episode whenever I could. 

I also joined Radio Lollipop and became one of their regular hosts delivering a live show each Thursday across the wards at Manchester Children's Hospital.

I toured with Cbeebies on their ‘Mr Bloom’ Summer Roadshow running math's activities that I developed for National Numeracy, including a “Number Aerobics” performance that I’d do twice a day to a large bubbly crowd of under 5s. 

It was fun but the more I worked in and around children’s TV the more I realised it wasn’t the right path for me and that I’d actually missed a much more obvious route that fitted  more naturally with my background.


The next phase... 

Having grown up on a farm and loving the outdoors, I realised I was most happy when filming outside and in a pair of wellies. I presented a new Sheep Dog programme in Wales called ‘A way with Dogs’ and due to it’s success, a second series two years later with international handlers.

Feeling more confident I was on the right path, I finally left teaching and focused on achieving the presenting dream which now had more of a Countryfile feel to it.  


I started off gaining professional experience by presenting commercials for companies such as Animology, Clinique, All Year Books and Canary Wharf Group.  I also gained plenty of auto cue and green screen experience by presenting online training videos for companies such as Altura Learning and The Safer Food Group.

With a personal interest and some experience in property development I was chosen to host two ‘as live’ shows on Property TV on Sky 192 as well as gain more live presenting experience at The Asiana Bridal show which air’d internationally on Sony TV.

At the start of 2020 I became the face of RMTV, Royal Mails independent online production where I presented a weekly ‘One Show’ style programme keeping their 160 000 postal staff up to date with changes within the business and sharing good news stories. Interviews, vox pops, auto cue and presenting under pressure with a full production team all helped take my presenting skills to a more professional level.


While ‘chatting’ authentically and with passion on camera remains central, the experiences gave me a wider skill set that I could adapt to suit the needs of the next team I worked with.

Moving forward...

In February 2020 the next team turned out to be an inspiring and life changing group of Women in Africa. I was flown to Malawi with ‘Forgotten Women’ to capture the incredible humanitarian aid work they do there. I met women, who despite unimaginable life circumstances, were turning their lives around and becoming independent successful business women. I felt privileged to be the person that got to tell their incredible stories and returned to the UK with a new passion to present programmes that made a difference and empowered women.

 Re branded with some fierce femininity and ready to hit the ground running...Corona Virus came along and put things to a halt. Instead, I spent lock down using my teaching background to make educational videos on Youtube to help parents with home schooling. I turned my basement into a green screen studio and used the  production skills I'd learnt along the way to self film video's for The Education Development Trust. 

Looking ahead....

As lockdown starts to lift my drive to present TV shows with meaning and impact is stronger than ever. I've been researching and writing documentary ideas and I'm now ready and eager to quite literally get the show on the road!